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Tiwanaku, Bolivia, Sunken Court and Kalasasaya Mound.
Tiwanaku, Bolivia, Sunken Court and Kalasasaya Mound.
Newark Archaeogeodesy Assessing Evidence of Geospatial Intelligence in the Americas
Southwest Archaeology pages feature Photo Gallery PowerPoints
Eclipses, Cosmic Clockwork of the Ancients

Featured Photo Galleries: Chaco Canyon  Betatakin  Hovenweep  Natural Bridges
View of Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
Chaco Canyon Quicktime Movie - 80 images - 282 MB
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Painted Hand Tower
March 2007, on the road again in the Southwest for fieldwork.
Fall 2007: Celebrating Ten Years on the WWW.  May 2007: 2.15 Million Hits.

Ancient Monuments Placemarks
Google Earth placemark illustration
View the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, and fly over immense pyramids
and the largest mounds and earthworks around the world.

Ancient Earthworks of Eastern North America Photo Galleries
Photo/Travel Journal
: Fall Colors Tour of Eastern Woodlands Earthworks, 2005

ancient monument earthen mound

Early Monumental Architecture of the Peruvian Coast
Ancient Monument Complex, Huaca Sechin Alto, Casma-Sechin, Peru

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Betatakin Ruins, Navajo National Monument, Arizona
Betatakin Ruins, Navajo National Monument, Arizona 
2560 x 1440 wide-screen deskpicture (1.25 MB).

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