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To view the linked .kmz and .kml placemark files, you must have Google Earth's (GE) digital globe browser installed. Not all web browsers will click-launch the files. KML files may be treated as XML by web browsers. Download the files first if you have GE installed and a placemark file does not just open.

2017.03.14  - Celebrating a decade doing space archaeology with resource and results uploads, current versions of my applet and global placemarks collection:

Archaeogeodesy Placemarks, Ancient Monuments in Google Earth v2017  
Spanning the globe, more than 15,000 placemarks of ancient monuments and anthropogenic features visible in satellite imagery, created during a decade of space archaeology applied to ancient monument research. This file includes most of the 4,500+ monuments with coordinates in the Excel applet. The placemarks embed 4,600+ Panoramio photos selected for archaeological value. To view site relationships study results, see the archaeogeodesy study results links further down page.
Download - 4.5 MB Google Earth file: archaeogeodesy.kml

ArchaeoGeodesy Applet v2017
Updated Excel application includes new sites from Amazon surveys and other recent research.
Download - 2.3 MB Excel file: archaeogeodesy.xls

Most recent news: Read my ArchaeoBlog.

Today (2006), dusty outline maps from academic archaeology articles are coming to life in full color. Tilting the view and spinning around to appreciate the surrounding horizon provides the geographic context of previously vague, remote ruins. And the placemarks often provide useful contextual information plus lots of photography.

From direct experience, I'm glimpsing a possible forthcoming chronic disorder

"Google Earth™ Addiction" ;-)

Speaking seriously, Google's new interactive tool has become a time sink in a productive and educational way. High resolution image updates are providing surprising details. Anyone almost everywhere can now count the megaliths at Avebury, hike the Inca Trail, visit Machu Picchu, and fly between monuments exploring the landscape.

And the whole globe is under control of our fingertips.

avebury aerial

The extreme desert of Peru is giving up even more prehistoric geodesy than the green Salisbury landscape. Faint wall marks appear in fields around Avebury. From the huacas in Peru to the Southwest desert, and in deserts elsewhere, one can count circles, walls, kivas, or sunken plazas with ease. The rooms and mounds at Casas Grandes are great to see from aloft, especially in stark contast to the immediately adjacent, old grainy view (top of following image).

casas grandes aerial

I've had a ton of new fun organizing several placemark files and learning KML. More links will follow, and I'll update existing files at times. Keeping up with the new wave of educational IT advances may detract from incomplete projects, but it is also proving irresistable. Enjoy the files, send along your feedback, and watch for early signs of Google Earth™ addiction.

Google Earth™ is a free download.User Guide
Google Earth and Archaeology    |    Teaching with Google Earth    |    Excel › KML
Google Earth and Geoscience Education: What is Google Earth?

Ancient Earthworks of the Eastern Woodlands
porthsmouth aerial
Integrating photo gallery links, survey map overlays, GPS data, calculators, and code terms.
Newark Earthworks
Cahokia Mounds GPS
Marietta Earthworks
Hopeton Works
Portsmouth Earthworks
Grave Creek
Hopewell Earthworks
Wolfs Plains Mound Group
Seip and Baum
Frankfort Earthworks
Liberty Works and High Bank
Mound City
Serpent Mound
Mississippi River
Cedar Bank
Poverty Point
Pinson Mounds

google earth image
Newark Archaeogeodesy, Assessing Evidence of Geospatial Intelligence in the Americas
Newark Earthworks Golden Ratio Longitudes - phi, the golden mean = 0.6180340 
The golden mean accurately expressed by the longitudes of three major monuments.
Download the Google Earth placemarks file: phi_golden_ratios.kml

Monument labels are terse code terms used in the spherical trig calculator, archaeogeodesy.xls.
Input the terms to easily determine the geodetic properties and site-to-site relationships of monuments.
cahokia mounds latitude map, with monk's mound and woodhenge
Ancient Monument Latitudes Evidence Accurate Astronomy

Ancient South America

Ancient geodesy of Huaca del Sol, latitude equals the acrtangent of one-seventh.
Huaca del Sol KMZ

All Peru Coastal Valleys 15.3 MB KMZ file  |  All Andes Highlands 24.2 MB KMZ file
Casma-Sechin Valley
Moche Valley
Chavín de Huantár
Huaca del Sol The Chicama-Moche Canal
Lurin Valley
Nepeña Rimac Valley
Amazon Geoglyphs
Cuzco Tiwanaku
Santa Valley Inca Trail Sillustani Towers
Chincheros Sacred Valley Choquequirao
Machu Picchu and Llactapata   Atacama Geoglyphs

Peru Coastal valleys map.
In the Andes Web Ring page, mouse-over valley names in this image for file geoglyphs. Geoglifos.
Amazon Geoglyphs- Hundreds of Geoglifos Discovered in the Amazon

Space Archaeology in the Amazon, Beni, Bolivia - 734 KB KML file

Chavin de Huantar map
Ancient Monument Latitudes Evidence Accurate Astronomy
Ancient geodesy of andean huaca in Peru, Sechin Alto located at latitude equaling the arctangent of one-sixth.
huaca de los idolos aerial
Note the recent Inca Road transecting the ancient site.

Ancient Mesoamerica

Tikal Placemarks and Overlay Maps - 3.8 MB KMZ
Mesoamerica Archaeological Monuments  -  mesoamerica.kml - 262 KB

Tikal Map

The American West
Chaco Canyon
Aztec Ruins
Mesa Verde
Hovenweep NM
Salinas Pueblo Missions NM
Blythe Intaglios
Chimney Rock
SW Archaeology Spring 2007 GPS Placemarks. KML version

pueblo bonito placemarks kml
GPS survey illustrates how Google Earth (GE) has not always precisely agreed with WGS84.
Pueblo Bonito placemarks of south wall corners and the centerpoints of two great kivas are shown.
Historical imagery in Google Earth allows comparing early and recent imagery with my GPS placements.

Chaco Canyon aerial photo

Ancient Europe Placemarks
Avebury Area
Bend of the Boyne - Newgrange
Neolithic Brittany
Llandygai Henges Excavation
Neolithic Calc NE Europe

Avebury latitude aerial image illustrating ancient geodesy of monument placement, latitude equals one-seventh of circumference.
ArchaeoBlog: Stonehenge and Astronomy - Stonehenge and Pi

The Heart of Neolithic Orkney
Stones of Stennes, Callanish, Avebury stone circles arc distance ratios equals astronomical constant.

Africa Placemarks

giza pyramids aerial photo   Ancient Nile River Monuments

When viewing geometric monuments with significant elevation, the oblique view of the camera is readily apparent—see the Washington Monument.

In this GE screen capture of Khufu's and Khafre's pyramids, note the seam between two images (bright on the right and darker on the left) and note that each pyramid has a unique angle of oblique view.

This points to the degree of accuracy, or I should say "inaccuracy" of the monument representations in this format. Online, an updated image has since replaced this one.

Giza-Newgrange KML

Asia Placemarks
Xi'an Pyramids, China. From Xianyang, a long field of pyramids extends over 36 km.
  Xi'an is surrounded by immense pyramids. In 2006, I was able to placemark most of them.xian pyramids
Nepal Ancient Temples
Kazakhstan Earthworks

The golden mean latitude of Qin's mausoleum, feng shui on a global scale. Download qin.kml.

Development continues. Please obtain and contribute monument GPS readings.

" 11 Ahau was the katun when they carried on their backs. Then the land-surveyor first came; this was Ah Ppizte who measured the leagues. Then there came the chacté shrub for marking the leagues with their walking sticks. Then he came Uac-hab-nal to pull the weeds along the leagues, when Mizcit Ahau came to sweep clean the leagues, when the land-surveyor came. These were long leagues that he measured. ..."

"... the great mounds came to be built by the lineages and all the things which the rulers did. They were the ones who built the mounds. It took thirteen katuns and six years for them to construct them. The following was the beginning of the mounds they built. Fifteen four-hundreds were the scores of their mounds, and fifty more made the total count of the mounds they constructed all over the land. "

THE BOOK OF CHILAM BALAM OF CHUMAYEL, Ralph L. Roys, 1933, Carnegie Institution Washington D.C.

Newark Archaeogeodesy
Assessing Evidence of Geospatial Intelligence in the Americasmiamisburg mound at sunrise with fall colors

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