CIS133DA -- The Internet/World Wide Web
Section 3400 -- 3 Credits -- Spring 2002

Class Assignments

Jan. 21

Begin creating a bookmarks file. Assignment will be due on Mar. 11.

Jan. 28 E-mail instructor and attach your bookmark file with bookmarks to at least three tutorials about using browsers. 5 points.
Feb. 4 Searching the Web. Print out the search results for the same search term using two different search engines and two different directories. 5 points.
Feb. 11

Quiz 1 will be available on Feb. 11 and due on Feb. 13. 20 points.

Feb. 18 Print out your posting on a newsgroup due Feb 20. 5 points.
Feb. 25 Print out two pages with links to download plug-ins. 5 points
Mar. 4  
Mar. 11
Mar. 18
Bookmarks due. 10 points. Quiz 2 available on March 18 and due on Mar. 20. 20 points.
Mar. 25 Web page analysis due. 5 points.
April 1 HTML tutorial 1 due. 5 points.
April 8 HTML tutorial 2 due. 5 points.
April 15 HTML tutorial 3 due. 5 points.
April 22 HTML tutorial 4 due. 5 points.
April 29 Web Page Presentations. Present the home page you created to the class. 20 points. Quiz 3 due. 20 points.
May Final Test. 40 points.
There are a total of 200 points. Lab projects account for 20% of your grade (40 points).
These will be handed out in class unannounced. They will be worth 5 points each. Assignment details will be presented in class. You are responsible for contacting the instructor or another student for assignment details if you are not in class.

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