CIS 144 - Web Authoring and Publishing

Web Site Assignments


Each of the three Web site assignments is described below.  Each assignment must be completed to obtain a passing grade.  These assignments constitute 60% of the grade, with the first two worth 15% each, and the final Web site and presentation worth 30%.

Assignment One Specifications.
Create a Cascading Style Sheet and an accompanying web page that utilizes the CSS file for its styles. Override several of the .css styles (external styles) with global styles (internal styles) in the page. Override several of the internal styles with local styles. Use distinct CLASS, ID, SPAN, and DIV tags. The CSS page should define a minimum of a dozen tags. Print both pages as text documents. In the .html printout underline all the style coding that is used to complete this assignment. You may need to use the tutorial pages at the bottom of the Cascading Style Sheets page as readings for this assignment.

Assignment Two Specifications.
Part One: Create a page with an interactive form, including a textarea, at least one text field, checkboxes, radio buttons, a menu, a hidden control, and submit and reset buttons with customized values. The action of the form should be to e-mail to your own e-mail address. Fill out the functional form, submit it and print out your e-mail. Print the source code of the form in a text file and underline the element tags.
Part Two: Add a jump menu to your site with links to outside websites of your choice, not to other pages in your own site. Print the source code of the jump menu in a text file.

Assignment Three Specifications. Complete and publish your Web site.
Your site must consist of a home page (name this default.htm), your .css page, your forms page, and at least two other pages. The site must have active content and use plug-ins. Move your site to the classroom server and use the server based files to do your final class presentation. If your site is a continuation of work presented in CIS112 consult with the instructor beforehand to ensure adequate completion.

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