EDU 240 -- Capstone Project

Final Assignment and Presentation

Everyone needs to be prepared to do Final Presentations on May 2, at the latest. You can continue working on your projects after presenting. I will still come to the lab on May 9 at 4:30 to collect any work that is not turned in on May 2.

PRESENTATIONS: Presentations should be at least 5 minutes per student in length, and not more than 10 minutes. Students will describe their project in general terms: subject, purpose, content, how it will be used, and how electronic media was used to enhance learning. Students will describe the number and kind of files and documents in their electronic portfolio. Students will showcase, from a CD, some of the media created using the computer and projection system provided. Use the Learning Outcomes and Class Standards as a guide to the course expectations.

LEARNING OUTCOMES. Upon completion of this course the student will be able to: 1.) demonstrate his/her full understanding about the multimedia production procedures, 2.) understand the role of each multimedia feature in education, digitizing sound, pictures, video, etc., 3.) use multimedia features appropriately in her/his subject area, 4.) demonstrate the ability to create effective technology enhanced lesson plans, which should be able to improve instruction and student learning.

STANDARDS. Students are 1.) able to apply multimedia features to their lesson plans properly, 2.) students are able to use technology to improve their instructional quality, 3.) student technology-enhanced lesson plans should help students improve their learning, 4.) students are able to evaluate their lesson plans and revise the plans to fit different groups, 5.) students can develop electronic portfolio using multimedia production skills.

TURNING IN YOUR ASSIGNMENTS: Students will turn in a copy of their electronic portfolio on a CD or other electronic media. Students will turn in a copy of their completed projects. The last day that work will be accepted is May 9. You may turn in your work, upon completion, earlier.

Remember, contact me if you have any questions or if you need any assistance.

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