EDU 240 -- Capstone Project

Assignment One -- Project Proposal

Process. The first step in the Capstone Project is to describe your project idea. A form with questions about your plan follows. This assignment is due on Feb. 1. You may submit it as soon as you wish. You will receive feedback on this assignment and then, by Feb. 22 at the latest, you will submit the storyboard assignment. You may begin work on the storyboard while formulating your project proposal. However, the storyboard assignment should not be submitted until after you have received feedback about your proposal.

Proposal Considerations. Capstone is dedicated to creating technology-enhanced multimedia courseware and should reflect the skills learned in the program. You will produce an electronic portfolio using multimedia. Your project should demonstrate the ability to create effective technology enhanced lesson plans that help students improve their learning (or an equivalent use). Your project should demonstrate an understanding about and your ability to use and apply multimedia. The proposal assignment will not be graded, but is required. It is a step towards completion of the final project. Your grade will be based on the final project.

Please answer each of the following questions about your proposal. Remember, your project may change as you progress in its development. This assignment is intended to assist project development. After you have completed the form click on the submit button. Or, if your browser is not configured to e-mail forms, you can download either the HTML or text version of the form, and send it as an attachment to an e-mail or bring your proposal to Lab on Jan. 31.

Comments will be returned by e-mail. If you have any questions you need answered before submitting the assignment, contact me by e-mail or telephone.


Project Subject: What knowledge/information will your project convey?

Target Audience: Who are you presenting your information to? If you are creating a template lesson plan that can be modified for diverse learning levels state both the range of possible use and the level your project will be directed to.

Electronic Media: Check the media you will employ to create and store your project.
Select each that applies.
Internet server     DVD     CD     Zip Disk     
Hard Drive     Diskettes     Video     Tapes

Multimedia: Your final project must employ several forms of media (or its not multi).
  What multimedia will you create for this project?

  What multimedia created by others will you incorporate into your project?

Creation Tools: What equipment and software applications will you use?

Presentation Tools: Describe what equipment will produce/deliver your electronic media?

Lab Time: What kind of lab assistance and/or individualized instruction and project assistance would your project benefit from?

Additional Comments:



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