HP 48 PROGRAMMING FILE © 1994 by James Q. Jacobs

The following program can be used to load a programmable HP 48.
This file is compatible with HP 48SX and HP 48GX. Just transfer the file to a folder in your HP. Use the ' mark at the beginning and the end notation » if you are doing a linkware transfer. STO is the store command. The result will be a variable file created for each line. Thereafter, for example, entering YT will place the value 365.24219876 in the stack if you are in the same folder or any subordinate folder. Or write programming with the variables.

The data is based on International Astronomic Union constants for Jan. 1. 2000. 
All the 2 suffixes represent values for Julian Year 2,000.0 (Jan. 1, 0 h.). 

See the Astronomical Constants and Cosmographic Values pages for more details.
For data based on the Geodetic Reference System 1980 
see the Geodesy Page Figure of the Earth section.

This is a shareware program, and you are welcome to use it and pass it on. However, if you publish any part of the code, or any previously unpublished data, you must give appropriate credit. If you wish to use this material for commercial purposes you must obtain permission. All rights are reserved. 

' 69.0933962964 AM STO
0.0139634599651 AP STO
3958.76063662 AR STO
13.1763582244 C27 STO
24901.4726094 CE STO
40030005.6967 CMM STO
24873.492365 CRM STO
346.620063 DE2 STO
7917.52127325 DI STO
27.32166156 DL2 STO
27.2122207637 DN2 STO
365.25636053 DO2 STO
0.99726967199 DR2 STO
29.5305888844 DS2 STO
365.24219264 DY2 STO
6378140 ER STO
0.99664719 FL STO
5.1453964 IL STO
0.0366009950677 LD2 STO
13.3687462502 LO2 STO
0.036501066623457 LR2 STO
0.0367481951835 ND2 STO
13.4225120288 NO2 STO
0.0366478605569 NR2 STO
18.6133019052 NU STO
18.6140238945 NUO STO
23.439291111 OB STO
0.00273780311053 OD2 STO
0.0748013300039 OL2 STO
18.293894711 OM STO
0.0745017026513 ON2 STO
25780.5756912 OP2 STO
0.00273032801001 OR2 STO
1.00003878889 OY2 STO
25781.5756912 PR STO
0.0139634599651 PY STO
57.2957795131 R STO
13.1403824445 R27 STO
27.39646289 R7 STO
29.6114378225 R9 STO
1.00273780311 RD2 STO
347.569040486 RE2 STO
27.39646289 RL2 STO
3958.7392618 RM STO
366.25636053 RO2 STO
366.242154402 RY2 STO
27.2122207637 S2 STO
26.8206129544 S22 STO
26.9284788014 S27 STO
29.1056177173 S29 STO
27.5545465 S5 STO
27.32166156 S7 STO
29.5305888844 S9 STO
86164.099 SD STO
86400 SD2 STO
0.982918083604 SI STO
0.985609119791 SO STO
0.002737909311 YD2 STO
346.620031 YE STO
346.620063 YE2 STO
0.0748042315774 YL2 STO
18.6133019052 YN2 STO
0.999961212611 YO2 STO
25781.5756912 YP STO
0.00273043391641 YR2 STO
366.242159976 YS STO
365.24219876 YT STO
365.24219264 YT2 STO »


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