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Downloads/Shareware and Freeware:

  • Download Netscape Communicator.
  • Netscape > Home > Computing & Internet > Download > Browser Plug-ins.
    • Download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • Download Apple QuickTime, complete technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, music, and even 360-degree virtual reality (VR) scenes.
    • Macromedia Flash Player download center.
    • Macromedia Shockwave & Macromedia Flash Players download center.
    • Download free RealPlayer.
    • PowerPoint Animation Player & Publisher by Microsoft. Publish and view PowerPoint objects in your Web page.
    • Windows Media Player.
    • Netscape Plug-in Finder.
    • PhoneFree allows net surfers to engage in real-time, phone-quality conversations over the Internet without using a telephone or incurring any long-distance phone charges.
  • MacroMedia Dreamweaver free 30 day trial version.
  • Jumbo: Shareware and Freeware. Thousands of shareware and freeware programs have been grouped by topic, with links to multiple FTP archives for downloading.
  • C/Net Download.com. Download demos and freeware for apps covering everything from business to games.
  • File Mine. MPnet's searchable archive of downloadable shareware files. Applications are organized by category.
  • Completely Free Software. Free software for Windows and DOS. Games, graphics, utilities, multimedia and more.
  • Shareware Central. Shareware Central is the shareware directory, with reviews, links, and contact info on many different shareware titles.
  • Shareware.com
  • download.com  A shareware directory from CNET.
  • ZD Net Software Library
  • Yahoo's Directory:  Computers and Internet > Software

Free Web Graphics:

  • Wilson's "Free Gifs & Animations". You may save and use any gif or jpg on our pages for personal or business sites if you include a link from your page to theirs.
  • Animation Factory.  Lots of original free animated gifs, clipart and web graphics.
  • Free Stuff Center. Includes free catalogs, fonts, games, graphics and more.
  • The Free Site. An excellent resource for freebies, including free products, graphics, services, product samples, games and much more.

File Compression and Extraction

  • PKZIP for DOS and OpenVMS.  The latest in a tradition of compression utilities from PKWARE, Inc.
  • PKZIP, PKUNZIP, WINZIP - ZIP for windows(Shareware).  PKZIP extraction utilities. Download all the latest shareware ZIP and UNZIP Utilities including WINZIP and PKWARE.

Newsgroups, Mailing Lists and Chat:

  • Google groups is a portal site offering various newsgroups and the Usenet archive.
  • Liszt, the mailing list directory.  Search Liszt's main directory of 90,000 mailing lists or browse the directory topics and sub-categories.
  • Liszt's Directory  Usenet Newsgroups.  Choose from 30,000 newsgroups, 80,000 mailing lists, 25,000 chat channels and more.

Internet Books:

Search and Directories:

Netscape Search
GTE SuperPages
Netscape People Finder
BellSouth-Real WhitePages
Google Search Engine

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