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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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Course Assignments

The readings and assignments for each Module are individually described.  Just click the links in the table below to go to the Modules.  Follow the instructions and complete the work in the textbook before submitting the files specified in the modules.  Follow the Data Files link above for the files the textbook asks you to use.  The modules will be made available as the semester progresses.

Instructions for Submitting Assignments  |  Assignments Checklist and Points

Assignment Modules
Jan. 17
Jan. 24
Introducing XML, XML Technology Principles
Jan. 31
Creating an XML Document
Feb. 7
Binding XML Data
Feb. 14
Valid XML Documents
Feb. 21
XML Data Generation
Feb. 28
Namespaces and XML Schema
Mar. 7
Cascading Style Sheets -- CSS
Spring Recess
Mar. 21
Style Sheets
Mar. 28
April 4
Computational Style Sheets
April 11
ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)
April 18
Creating Element Groups
April 25
Document Object Model
May 2
Final Project
May 9
Final Exam

Instructions for Submitting Assignments

You must submit assignments on schedule; any exceptions must be arranged with the instructor in advance of due dates.  You are responsible for keeping an electronic copy of all work you turn in.  You must turn in all your work in electronic form at the end of semester, or you will not receive the corresponding points.  Be sure to backup all your work.

All files that allow inclusion of comment tags should contain a comment tag with your name, as follows in an example of an XML and HTML comment tag: <!-- Student Name -->  Comment tags are discussed in the Module 1 reading. The CSS reading discusses CSS comment syntax.

To assure that our mail programs do not alter the code, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a folder for each module, named 'ModuleX' (with X representing the number).
  2. Place all the assignment files, and any additional files needed to display the files properly (i.e. style sheets) in the folder, but only the images requested on the Assignment Checklist. NOTE: not every file required is on the Assignments Checklist. The final determination of which files to include is your responsibility.
  3. After creating the folder, test your files in the applications.
  4. Compress the folder as either a .zip, .sit, or .sea file.
  5. Attach the compressed folder to an e-mail.
  6. Send, with "CIS234 Assignment == Module X" in the subject line, to my e-mail:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Feedback: My comments and grading will be sent to your MCC e-mail address. You must read your MCC e-mail frequently during the semester. (Or, you can set that account to forward to the e-mail address where you read your mail. To do so, just log in to the MyMCC Portal, click MYTOOLS, then select Email Forwarding Tool.)

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CIS 234 — XML Application Development
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