Hettinger County Historical Society Museum
Regent, North Dakota, 58650

A Photo Gallery by James Q. Jacobs.

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Embroidered buffalo hide circa 1840.
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Austin's Pioneerland is an immense gallery filled with antiques, large and small, a windmill, cars,
an airplane, old wagons, tactors, and machinery, even a complete one-room schoolhouse.

The blacksmith's shop was recreated, based on historical photography, with actual equipment.

Recreations of stores, a bank, post office, and a bar feature authentic local historical items.

The complete rural one-room schoolhouse was moved into the Regent museum complex.

A beautiful rural church was also moved and incoporated into the museum.

In the old Red and White store building, a pioneer household is recreated with
antique heritage possessions of numerous early settlers of the area.

Numerous documents and artworks of past residents are seen throughout the displays.

Dr. S. W. Hill

Dr. Hill spent his working life in Regent. His offices and drug store are now preserved as part of the museum complex.

National Register
of Historical Places

Dr. S. W. Hill Drug Store
(added 1980, building #80002916, built 1910)


Regent and the Enchanted Highway

Google Earth placemarks file: regent.kmz

Nelson Ethnic Museum.

Five of the eight museum buildings front on Main Avenue.

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Hettinger County Historical Society
6521 106th Ave. SW, Regent, ND, 58650

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