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Pecos River Style Rock Art

These few photos illustrate the distinct style of pictography found near the confluence of the Pecos River on the Rio Grande. 
Notice the second photo's depiction of the spear throwers.  The repetition may represent an attempt to convey motion.
The sites shown below include Fate Bell Shelter, Panther Cave, and another cave, Black Cave in Pressa Canyon, all inside the boundaries of Seminole Canyon State Historical Park.

Panther Cave Pictograph, 215 x 144 pixels, 40 K.Panther Cave pictograph, 138 x 216 pixels, 40 K.
Fate Belle Shelter pictograph panel, 234 x 383 pixels, 49 K.

Fate Belle Shelter pictograph panel detail, 351 x 212 pixels, 45 K.Panter Cave Pictograph, 440 x 226 pixels, 58 K.

Presa Cave pictograph panel, 318 x 249 pixels, 48 K.

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