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ancient conical mound

Southwest Archaeology - a dozen new Photo Gallery PowerPoints
anasazi hertitage center
Photo Galleries: Chaco Canyon  Betatakin  Hovenweep  Natural Bridges and more.
pueblo bonito, chaco canyon

Ancient Earthworks of Eastern North America
woodhenge at cahokia

Hundreds of Geoglifos Discovered in the Amazon

Fremont Area Rock Art - a new photo gallery
ancient petroglyph in utah

Newark Archaeogeodesy
Assessing Evidence of Geospatial Intelligence in the Americas
Eclipses, Cosmic Clockwork of the Ancients

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Paleoanthropology in the 1990's
Australopithecus garhi New Species of Hominids Ardipithecus ramidis
Australopithecus anamensis
The Earliest Homo fossils
Homo antecessor
The Human Origin Debate
Recent African Genesis
Multiregional Evolution
Population Bottlenecks
Paleoanthropology Essays
The Dawn of Prehistoric Rock Art
Reflections on the Style-Function Debate
Australia's Oldest Human Remains
 Reflections on the Origins of Scavenging and Hunting
The Origin of Bipedality
Neanderthal DNA
A Comparison of Chimpanzee and Human Behaviors
    Language and Culture Articles
The following papers were written for an Arizona State University class entitled
Language and Culture (ASB 481) and taught by Dr. Elizabeth Brandt.
The first two were chosen as model papers.
Cyberspace is a Parallel World is a metaphor mapping and analysis project.
The Rattlesnakes of Arizona is an ethnographic interview project.
"I’m Not a Crook." The Public Face and Private Political Reality of Richard M. Nixon
is a discourse and conversation analysis of some Nixon tapes,
featuring several of my favorite crimes by our past president.

The Andes Web Ring
sillustani towers
Archaeological contents include:

Andes Archaeogeodesy — MachupicchuChavinCasma-Sechin
Machu Picchu Photo Gallery
Tiwanaku Photo Gallery
Andean Prehistory
Inti Raimi, Festival of the Sun
Andean Cosmology
Saxsayhuaman Photo Gallery
The Tello Obelisk
Pisaq Photo Gallery
Photo galleries and articles about prehistoric Mexico and Central America.
Quetzalcoatl pyramid facade with tlaloc and serpent masks.
Teotihuacan Photo Gallery
Uxmal Photo Gallery
Palenque Photo Gallery
Chichen Itza Photo Gallery
Izapa Photo Gallery
Stone Sculptures
Mesoamerican Artifacts I
Mesoamerican Artifacts II
Mesoamerican Archaeoastronomy
Teotihuacan Mural Art

The American Southwest
casa rinconada

Southwest Archaeology - a dozen new PowerPoints
Southwest photo Gallery PowerPoints

Mesa Verde Spruce Tree House Far View Villages
Chaco Canyon
Aztec NM
Pueblo Bonito
Salmon Ruins
Trail of the Ancients
Salinas Pueblos
Hoveneep NM
Edge of the Cedars
Pecos NM
Bandelier NM
Canyon de Chelly
Coronado State Monument
Anasazi Heritage Center
Montezuma Castle
Blythe Intaglios
The Chaco Meridian
Archaeological Park
Southwest Archaeology
Lecture Notes
Pueblo Grande Mound
A Labor Analysis
The Rock Art Pages

Rock surfaces employed by human artists preserve a graphic record of prehistory in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. The southwest region of the United States has the greatest concentration of rock art in the Americas. In the dry desert environment, with its profusion of rock surfaces and shelters, an incomparable cultural legacy is preserved. 
The Rock Art Pages feature some of the best rock art from the desert West and Southwest; from Washington, Oregon, Utah, California, Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas. Some of the pages contain numerous graphics. Listed file sizes include all graphics except the page surfing buttons.

Jim Jacobs at rock art site in Utah.

Grand Galleries of the Ancients An overview article about the Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau. This article contains graphics from all over the west, including thumbnail photos linked to larger slides.
Pecos River Style Rock Art West Texas This photo gallery focuses on Pecos River Style Rock Art in Texas, near the confluence of the Pecos and Rio Grande Rivers. 300 K of imagery.
Barrier Canyon Style
Page 1
An introduction to Barrier Canyon Style Rock Art focused on Canyonlands National Park. This page includes views of the Great Gallery and the Harvest Scene in the Maze District.
Barrier Canyon Style
Page 2
More about this style focused on sites found west of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Buckhorn Wash and Sinbad panels are featured.
Sites found east of the Green and Colorado River confluence. Sego Canyon, Courthouse Wash and Seven Mile Canyon are featured. Limited text. Some links.
Northeastern Utah
Page 1
Sites in the immediate vicinity of Vernal, Utah, with a discussion of Classic Vernal Style. Ashley Creek and Dry Fork sites are featured.
Northeastern Utah
Page 2
Sites in the vicinity of and within Dinosaur National Monument. McKee Springs and Rainbow Park area sites are featured.
Grand Gulch Primitive Area I This page covers the upper portion of the canyon, above the junction with Bullet Canyon. Green Mask site is featured.
Grand Gulch Primitive Area II Rock art in the lower half of the Canyon, from Step Canyon to Red Man Canyon. Quail Panel, Big Man Panel, Big Panel and more are featured.
Anasazi Pictography A gallery of pictographs, particularly Painted Cave, Navajo Nation, Arizona.
Canyon de Chelly
Rock Art
The rock art of Canyon de Chelly includes Anasazi and Navajo rock art. Limited text.  Links. 
Rock Art Dating
and Conservation
An article summarizing a rock art dating paper about the All-American Man panel together with a commentary about destruction of rock art.  One image.
The Ekonk Hill
Petroglyph Site
An article about an arrangement of petroglyphed boulders in Connecticut. The focus of this essay is on the possible archaeogeodesic significance of the site.  No images.
The Archaeo Art Gallery A large page displaying more than 100 background images and other graphics from my web pages.  See details for free use. 800 K.
  woodhenge and monk's mound
Reflections on Prehistory
A collection of seventeen essays from my first archaeology class:
Our Earliest Ancestors
Pleistocene Adaptation
 The Human Diaspora
The Emergence of Homo sapiens, var, sapiens
The First Americans
 Human Exchange and Evolving Culture
The Dawn of Agriculture
Mesopotamia, from Agriculture to Civilization
The Dawn of Statehood Systems
Early Indus Valley Civilization
Early South America Civilization
The First North American Civilizations
Southwest Agriculturists
A Time Line Assessment
The Import of Archaeology


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