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While researching Neolithic great menhirs, I found a beautifully illuminated image
of kerbstone engravings at Newgrange. Here are the final products--three GIF background files.

Colors of your page, row, table, and background colors and/or images will show through two of the three files,
allowing for millions of variations. The next two cells display the two distinct transparent files, one blue and one white,
on purple and brown backgrounds respectively. The third file, a non-transparent image, is in the following row.

The Neolithic engraving background image in the above cell is not transparent.
The banner floating below this table is based on the same Neolithic kerbstone petroglyph.
McKee Man, on the left above, is from NE Utah, as is the rock art scene on the right.
The lower two images above and the handprint tiles were created with images of my stoneware art.

The line of dancing anthropomorphs call the Colorado River Canyon near Moab home.

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Rock Art Images

Background is an inversed photo from the California desert. Above images are from Horseshoe Canyon in Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Anthropomorph pictograph image below is from the San Rafeal Swell, also Eastern Utah. Visit the Rock Art Pages for more details about the Rock Art images.

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This background is a patch of white crackle raku glaze.






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