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Prehistoric Rock Art Photography and Illustrations

2000 Plus Rock Art Transparencies -- Numerous Illustrations
James Q. Jacobs began research, field study, photography and
illustration of prehistoric rock art in 1983. A dozen expeditions,
totaling a year of field studies, have been accomplished.

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The slides focus on the Southwestern United States, with an emphasis on the most spectacular rock art sites. The rock art of the Colorado Plateau, particularly of Eastern Utah, constitutes the majority of the images. Other sites featured are in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas.


All the illustrations were created with projected slides for accurate, photo-realistic results. Photographs were taken as perpendicular to panels as possible with long lenses, a tripod and cable release.

Cienega Mesa Petroglyph colorized drawing.
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The following two copyrighted sample files are 1 MB, 600 dpi JPEG files of original artwork (rendered on 22 x 30 inch watercolor paper). You may duplicate one copy per person for personal or educational use only. All rights reserved.

Rochester Creek ---- Newspaper Rock, Utah

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and Ruins of the Southwest, Mexico, and South America.

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The Archaeo Art Gallery by James Q. Jacobs

Background images, desktop patterns, buttons, and other graphics

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Rock Art Images - Sites List


Canyonlands Maze District - The Maze - Harvest Scene - Horseshoe Canyon - Barrier Canyon - Ghost Gallery
Canyonlands Needles District - Upper Salt Creek - Upper Jump - Big Pocket - All-American Man - Peekaboo Spring - Devils Lane - Chesler Park - Indian Creek
Indian Creek State Park - Newspaper Rock - Shay Canyon
Moab Area - Courthouse Wash - Dark Angel - Colorado River - Mastodon - Kane Creek - Mill Creek - Moab Man - Seven Mile Canyon - Thompson Wash - Book Cliffs
San Rafael Swell Area - Black Dragon Canyon - Buckhorn Wash - Cattleguard - Buckhorn Flat - Sinbad - Temple Mountain Wash - Ferron Canyon - Ferron Box - Rochester Creek - Dry Wash
The Capitol Reef Area - North Wash - Hog Spring - Moqui Queen - Fruita - Fremont River - Pleasant Creek
The Uinta Basin Area - Dry Fork - McConkie Ranch - Three Kings - Ashley Creek - Peltier - Steinaker Reservoir - Brush Creek - Blue Mountain - Rainbow Park - McKee Springs Wash - Cub Creek - The Split - Dinosaur National Monument
More Eastern Utah Sites - Nine Mile Canyon - Minnie Maud Creek - Dry Canyon - Mummy Cave - Cottonwood Canyon - Argyle Canyon
Clear Creek Canyon - Parowan Gap - Buckskin Wash - Paria - White House Area - Calf Creek - Escalante
San Juan County, Southeastern Utah - Indian Creek - Natural Bridges - Rock Ruin - Sand Island - San Juan River - Muley Point - Butler Wash - San Juan Confluence - McElmo Canyon - Grand Gulch
Grand Gulch Primitive Area Sites - Turkey Pen Ruin - Junction Ruins - Todie Canyon - Green Mask Spring - Shiek's Canyon - Big Man - Collins - Big Panel - Quail Panel - Step Canyon - Red Man - More

ARIZONA - Grand Gallery (aka Spirit Shelter, Shaman's Gallery), Canyon de Chelly National Monument - White House Ruin - Canyon del Muerto - Antelope House - Narbona Panel - Standing Cow Ruin - Blue Bull Cave - more Canyon de Chelly sites - Betatakin - Painted Cave - Willow Springs - Inscription Point - Cottonwood Ruin - Puerco Ruin - Mountain Lion Mesa - Newspaper Rock - Hardscrabble Wash - Hieroglyphic Spring - Petroglyph Canyon

NEW MEXICO - Three Rivers - Albuquerque - Galisteo - El Creston - La Cienaga - San Cristobal - Abo - Velarde - Tsankawi Mesa - Frijoles Canyon - Peñasco Blanco - El Morro - Petroglyph Canyon - Zuni - Village of the Great Kivas - Waterflow Site

TEXAS - Hueco Tanks - Seminole Canyon - Panther Cave - Parrida Cave - Presa Canyon

CALIFORNIA - Tablet Rock - Devils Tableland - Chalfant - Fern Cave - Lava Beds

OREGON - North High Rims - Long Lake - Paradise Creek - Greaser - Plush - Abert Lake - Yoncalla - Cove Palisades

WASHINGTON - Columbia River - Horsethief Lake - She Who Watches

IDAHO - Centennial Park - Map Rock Link to the Rock Art Pages to view more of the collection.

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Glyphmobile parked at Phoenix Rising estate, Willamette River, Oregon.

The GlyphMobile at Phoenix Rising.
How I got everywhere for 400,750 km!