Happy Leap Year 2024

2024.02.29 - My annual routine of updating files was completed at year's end and the v2024 versions are already updated several more times.

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v2024 Updates 

The Amazon Geoglyphs KML and XLS files have recently been frequently updated as new high resolution satellite imagery updates in Google Earth keep revealing more ancient earthworks. KML files open in the free Google Earth Pro application. Currently more than 1,300 geoglyphs, zanjas, and mound villages are databased in the XLS, and even more are placemarked in the KML file. The Amazon Geoglyph KML file contents are mirrored in the main archaeogeodesy.kml file.

I've moved the Amazon Geoglyphs results folder into a separate KML before adding additional findings. The Acre Octagon - Newark Octagon arc, discussed in the 2023 ArchaeoBlog, led to creating a new KML focused on just this one finding, and then to further study of the geodetic interrelationships of these and other major monuments, in particular Newark's golden mean and geoglyph relationships. I added discussion of the new Newark results related to the Amazon to the Newark Archaeogeodesy, Assessing Evidence of Geospatial Intelligence in the Americas webpage. I also built an add-on applet to simplify placing a Newark Octagon outline overlay (in orange below) near other earthworks to allow easy visual comparison of sizes. The contiguous earthwork of Observatory Mound, Observatory Circle, the parallel embankments, and the Octagon combine to extend 883 meters (2,898 feet).

Amazon geoglyphs in a satellite image with a size comparison overlay of Newark Octagon earthworks.

The bolivia.kml file is also updated with new satellite imagery surveys of previous low resolution areas. When UNESCO announced addition of the Deer Stones in Mongolia to the world heritage site list, I updated the Mongolia folder and saved a separate KML.

2024.03.14 - Happy Pi Day. I've updated more KML files. The Pi results file was overdue for this update, and working on it generated additional placemarks. I've added more graphics and embedded selected research quotations with links to further reading in the placemark balloons. The Poverty Point file is reformatted and new results and graphics are included.

2024.06.03 - More overdue KML file updates have generated additional results and placemarks. I've again added more graphics and embedded selected research quotations with links to further reading in the placemark balloons.

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