Betatakin Ruin, A Photo Gallery

Betatakin Ruin, one of three spectacular cliff dwelings in Navajo National Monument, is located in the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.  The monument contains some of the best ruins on the Colorado Plateau.  Betatakin and Keet Seel are seasonally open to the public.  The visitor center, which includes a museum, videos, gift shop and bookstore, is open daily. The images below are linked to larger versions.

Betatakin Ruin, one of three spectacular cliff dwelings in Navajo National Monument
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Betatakin Ruin, one of three spectacular cliff dwelings in Navajo National Monument
The images are linked to larger versions.

tsegi canyon near betatakin
Watching the lighting for a few hours offered great canyon views too.

navajo national monument pottery
Numerous ancient pottery pieces are on display at the Visitors Center.

navajo national monument visitor center

sweat lodge
A sweat lodge and hogan decorate the Visitor Center landscape.

Betatakin is a 125 room cliff dwelling
Betatakin is a 125 room cliff dwelling.  Notice the intact roof ladders and earthen roofs. Larger image also follows below.
betatakin alcove ruins
In this view the morning sun is illuminating the westernmost buildings under the immense south-facing sandstone arch.  Rock art paintings are seen above the roofs of these rooms. Construction began in 1250.  In 1269 many timbers were cut and stockpiled.  In 1275 a burst of construction took place.  By 1300 the site was abandoned.

betatakin alcove

Betatakin can be viewed from an overlook, accessible by a one-mile round-trip walk.  In this view the ruins are in the deep morning shade.

betatakin ruins

The hike from the Betatakin trailhead is a strenuous five-mile round trip.  Tours begins at 8 a.m. and return between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m.  This view greets the hiker while approaching from below.  The trail begins on the mesa top above the ruin, and descends 600 feet of trail.

Tsegi Canyon is the home of Navajo National Monument.  This view is from the mouth of the canyon near Tsegi in Long Valley.

Tsegi Canyon, Navajo National Monument.

Betatakin, Keet Seel and Inscription House are the three major ruins in Navajo National Monument.  These are also the most important of the Kayenta Anasazi sites.  The three important divisions of Anasazi culture are Chaco, Mesa Verde and Kayenta.

Inscription House has been closed since 1968 due to its fragility. Keet Seel is one of the best preserved of all Anasazi cliff dwellings and is also the largest cliff dwelling in Arizona. Keet Seel is accessible by a 17 mile round trip hike requiring a reservation. The site visits are available only with a Park Ranger who provides an interpretive tour. 

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