Edge of the Cedars Ruins and Museum

Edge of the Cedars Ruins and Museum

Edge of the Cedars Ruin
Visitors enter the kiva and walk around the ancient pueblo on a guided trail.
Edge of the Cedars Ruins kiva

Edge of the Cedars Ruins room block

Edge of the Cedars Ruins ancient walls

Edge of the Cedars Kiva edcek 37.631056 -109.490583

1300-1500-year-old Baskemaker sandals
The 1300-1500-year-old Baskemaker sandals look like new.

numerous anasazi ceramics
The pottery displays are very thorough, with numerous ceramics displayed.
numerous anasazi ceramics displayed
Interpretation provides chronological ordering of the ceramic styles.
puebloan whiteware

puebloan effigy pot

prehistoric effigy pots

ancient utah pottery

ancient redware bowl

complete ancient atlatl tool kit
A complete ancient atlatl tool kit is displayed.

Unfired ceramic figurines from a single location in Grand Gulch.

ancient basketry of exceptional quality.
The ancient basketry on display is of exceptional quality.

ancient basketry of exceptional quality.

rare baskets collection in Utah

spirit windows mural
A variety of rock art fills the stairwells and corridors.
Some of the rock art on display is under water in Lake Powell.
rock art murals in blanding, utah

Edge of the Cedars Museum
Address: 660 W 400 N, Blanding, Utah 84511
Located on the western edge of town. Phone: 435-678-2238

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