Trail of the Ancients Scenic and Historic Byway

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Edge of the Cedars Museum and Ruins
Edge of the Cedars Museum and Ruin

Natural Bridges National Monument
Natural Bridges National Monument

Cedar Mesa Archaeological Sites

Several sites in the Cedar Mesa area are developed for visitation. Butler Wash Ruins and Mule Canyon Ruin are situated near scenic highway 95 between Blanding and Natural Bridges National Monument. Other sites can be visited at Natural Bridges National Monument and Grand Gulch Primitive Area.

Butler Wash Indian Ruins

Butler Wash Indian Ruins

Butler Wash Indian Ruins

Butler Wash Indian Ruins site plan

Parking/Trailhead:   37.5241,   -109.6328

Mule Canyon Ruin

The Mule Canyon Ancestral Pueblo ruins are over 700 years old, and include two kivas, a stabilized tower, and a block of rooms. A BLM constructed canopy protects the restored kiva. Interpretation is provided, the location is well-signed on and adjacent to the highway, paths are handicapped accessible, and the BLM provided waterless restroom facilities.

Mule Canyon Ruin
A striking aspect of the Mule Canyon site is the far-distant views. In the photo above, the profile of Sleeping Ute Mountain crowns the eastern horizon. Several high ranges of the Rockies are also clearly visible on the frequently clear days.

Mule Canyon Ruin tower

Mule Canyon Ruin kiva and tower

Mule Canyon Ruin kiva

Mule Canyon Ruin site plan

Mule Canyon Ruin kiva and ruin walls
Cave Towers, a very fragile Ancestral Puebloan site at the head of Mule Canyon, is over 900 years old. Only a few towers are left standing in the area, so please refrain from touching, climbing on, or entering the ruins. Access to Cave Towers is via an unsigned hike.

Edge of the Cedars Kiva edcek 37.631056 -109.490583
Mule Canyon Tower mucat 37.539208 -109.741972

Other Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway Sites.

Edge of the Cedars Museum and Ruins in Blanding, Utah. PowerPoint.

Natural Bridges National Monument

Grand Gulch Primitive Area

Hovenweep National Monument

Historic Bluff and the Navajo Twins

Muley Point, Monument Valley, and Mexican Hat

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

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