Barrier Canyon Style Rock Art III

This page, focused on Barrier Canyon rock art east of the Colorado-Green rivers confluence and outside Canyonlands National Park, provides photographs and drawings of selected sites and panel views.  For more information on the Barrier Canyon Style see the two preceding pages and the links below.

Courthouse Wash, north of Moab, Utah.
Courthouse Wash panel partial view, 309 x 324 pixels, 43 K.
View of Courthouse Wash pictograph details.  Close-up of upper right section. 279 x 433 pixels, 48 K.

Sego Canyon, north of Thompson, Utah, is also known
as Book Cliffs and Thompson Wash.
Detail of Sego Canyon pictograph panel, 216 x 298 pixels, 30 K.
Note the faint, ancient pictographs, a row of anthropomorphs, above the petroglyphs below.
Petroglyphs overlaid on pictographs at Sego Canyon, Utah.  414 x 519 pixels, 65 K.
B & W rendition of portion of Sego Canyon pictograph panel, 230 x 360 pixels, 7 K gif.
book cliffs pictographs, barrier canyon style

B & W rendition of Sego Canyon pictograph panel, 196 x 360 pixels, 6 K gif.

Seven Mile Canyon north of Moab.
Pictograph panel along Seven Mile Creek, Utah. 331 x 272 pixels, 36 K.

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