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Archaeogeodesy Placemarks, Ancient Monuments in Google Earth v2024  
Spanning the globe, more than 15,000 placemarks of ancient monuments and anthropogenic features visible in satellite imagery, created during a decade of space archaeology applied to ancient monument research. This file includes the 7,500+ monuments with coordinates in the Excel applet. The current placemarks version no longer embeds the 5,000 Panoramio photos I selected for archaeological value. Google deleted the Panoramio domain. More photos have recently been restored or added using the Web Archive.

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ArchaeoGeodesy Applet v2024
Updated Excel application includes new sites from Amazon surveys and other recent research. This applet employs the terse, five digit site labels in the archaeogeodesy KML file to input the latitude and longitude of the monuments.

Download - 3.3 MB Excel file:

Updated KML Files

Machupicchu Sites KML has Panoramio photo embeds restored using the Web Archive versions of the file, updated coordinates, and more placemarks. This KML is sites only, linked below the version with results placemarks. Download — 200 KB.

Machupicchu KML

Southwest Archaeology KML v2020 is reformatted with larger photo embeds and includes all individual site KML files in one southwest folder. Download — 91 KB.

2021 updates  —  Amazon Geoglyphs  —  Poverty Point  —  France

Recent KML Files

The contents of placemarks balloons with research results will seem esoteric without the context of related articles. For those unfamiliar with the AeGeo code terms and my previous writings and KML files, a discussion in Casma-Sechin Archaeogeodesy is intended to help overcome the obstacle.

Space Archaeology.  Archaeology from Space in the Amazon, Beni, Bolivia.

Further Reading

The archaeoastronomy and archaeogeodesy writings also provide context for the placemarks and research results.

Archaeology from Space

Panoramio and the Deprecated KML Files

You can also find the Panoramio photos Google deleted from the web in the Web Archive. If a photo no longer appears in one of my previous placemarks, click the link below it and copy the URL of the missing web page, then go to the Web Archive home page and paste the URL in the search bar. Be aware that you may need to click another link to arrive at the image when a Panoramio Page Not Found result is shown. Look for a text link stating the number of captures of the page and click that link, then click a highlighted date button. The pages are no longer fully functional, nonetheless they remain useful to archaeology researchers. 

Archaeology from Space

Research continues. Please obtain and contribute monument GPS readings.

" 11 Ahau was the katun when they carried on their backs. Then the land-surveyor first came; this was Ah Ppizte who measured the leagues. Then there came the chacté shrub for marking the leagues with their walking sticks. Then he came Uac-hab-nal to pull the weeds along the leagues, when Mizcit Ahau came to sweep clean the leagues, when the land-surveyor came. These were long leagues that he measured. ..."

"... the great mounds came to be built by the lineages and all the things which the rulers did. They were the ones who built the mounds. It took thirteen katuns and six years for them to construct them. The following was the beginning of the mounds they built. Fifteen four-hundreds were the scores of their mounds, and fifty more made the total count of the mounds they constructed all over the land. "

THE BOOK OF CHILAM BALAM OF CHUMAYEL, Ralph L. Roys, 1933, Carnegie Institution Washington D.C.

miamisburg mound at sunrise with fall colors

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