Travel Photography  -  The Saturday Farmer's Market, Corvallis, Oregon
A Photo Gallery by James Q. Jacobs

cut flower display
An abundance of fresh-cut flowers intensify the colors every Saturday on the river front. The cool,
ocean-influenced summer climate in the western Oregon valleys are a gardener's paradise.

face paint
Children enjoy face painting, balloons, entertainers, and playing in the park and fountain.

organic produce
Many local organic farmers offer premium products irect from the farm.

White Oak Farm
Area horticulturists offer potted flower stock, and enliven the market with colors and scents.

floral booth
The market is located on the waterfront park area in Old Town Corvallis.

musician and fiddle
Entertainers provide atmosphere and bits of wisdom.

coffee stroll
The market is a great place to greet friends, enjoy coffee, and fill the kitchen.

farmer's market
The popularity of the fresh produce draws a good crowd. Shop early to get the picks of the week.

sunflowers and gladiolas
The abundant supply of cut flowers decorates many local homes and businesses.

social event
The Farmer's Market is seemingly as much a fair and social as it is a market.

chard, greens
Select from the best local, fresh produce offered by numerous vendors.

vibrant flowers
Rich local farmland produces the magnificent large gladiolas and other vibrant flowers.

playing in the water fountain
The park setting parallel to the market offers art, rest, shade, and cool fountains.

Fresh, farm ripened, berries and fruit provide immediate gratification.

open forum
Local activists organized a free speech zone where anyone can sign-in and speak.

nursery booth

gladiolas and cut flowers

speaker in the park

onions, tomatoes, beans, leek
Onions, tomatoes, beans, leek, you name it, you can expect a variety of choices.

band concert
The Summer Band performers produced a concert after just four days of pratice.

lily blossoms
Wandering the vendor stalls delights all the senses.

a plethora of cut flowers

waterfront park

red peppers and green peppers

strollers in the market

cherry tomatoes

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