Casa Rinconada, a Chaco Canyon Great Kiva

Casa Rinconada, the largest of the six Great Kivas in Chaco Canyon

Casa Rinconada, the largest of the six Great Kivas in Chaco Canyon, is located south of the Wash, about 642 m (center-on-center) south and slightly east of Pueblo Bonito's great kiva.  Pueblo Bonito is visible in the background. Casa Rinconada's inside diameter is over 19 m.  The window in the upper right frames a beam of light at sunrise on the summer solstice.  The light beam shines on a lower niche on the northwest wall.

Casa Rinconada Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon
Some of the masonry around the northeast window was reconstructed during excavation and restoration, bring into qestion the accuracy and actuality of the solstice feature.

asa Rinconada Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon
View through the northeast window framing the lower niche illuminated by the solstice sunrise.
The illuminated niche is to the left of center in the image below.

asa Rinconada Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon

The row of niches seen in this view consists of 28 evenly-spaced and shaped openings at a uniform height.  Six slightly larger niches, two on the east wall and four on the west, were also constructed.  Casa Rinconada is aligned to within a quarter degree of true north.  The central dividing wall of Pueblo Bonito was aligned with the same accuracy.

asa Rinconada Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon
Looking south through the north door.

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asa Rinconada Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon asa Rinconada Great Kiva, Chaco Canyon

Above. Scans from slides taken 20 years ago, when the NPS still allowed entry into the Great Kiva.

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Casa Rinconada mean
GPS Jacobs 2m mean of 6
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